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Our Work

Livestock Insurance

Our insurance scheme is the oldest and longest running community managed livestock insurance scheme against snow leopard predation in the world which was started in one village in Baltistan region of northern Pakistan in 1999. The scheme is based on a simple premise that snow leopard predation is a stochastic shock to farmers and they will be better off by spreading this risk amongst them. Thus it operates on a simple logic upon which most insurance schemes are based. Under the insurance schemes villagers pay a premium amount per head of livestock, both small animals such as goats and sheep and large animals such as dzo and cows, as determined by the historical loss rate of domestic livestock to snow leopard predation, while the project subsidizes the premium up to 50%.

Predator Proof Corrals

Snow leopard attacks occur both on open range and inside villages and pasture settlements when snow leopard jump into a corral. Compared to open range, predation damage is maximum when snow leopard jump into a corral and often decimates the entire herd. Known as “surplus killings” snow leopards are have often killed up to fifty goats and sheep in one incident. In order to reduce these incidences and also reduce drain on insurance funds. BWCDO finance building of communal predator-proof corrals in the project area. These corrals are built on cost-sharing basis under which local communities provide local material – stones, wood – and unskilled labor free of cost. BWCDO provides extra-local material – cement, iron posts, mesh wire – and skilled labor. Thus far BWCDO has built 42 predator-proof corrals throughout the project areas. These corrals are well maintained and thus far no incidence of corral invasion has been reported.

Conservation Awareness

We have also been working on conservation awareness and education in collaboration with the Snow Leopard Conservancy for the last ten years. Under this activity, we have produced literature such as posters, brochures, a booklet highlighting snow leopard conservation for local schools. We have also organized annual debate, drawing and essay competitions in these schools. Conservation awareness activities help us build tolerance, especially among the young generations, towards snow leopard and contribute to its long term survival.